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Precision Connect Pty Ltd trading as Precision Connect is a registered fundraising organisation and is authorised to conduct fundraising in each state of Australia, on behalf of our charity clients. To conduct our fundraising operations, we are required to collect, store, and transfer personal information to and from our charity clients. 


This Privacy Policy aims to provide a complete understanding of the processes that our organisation undertakes with relation to the handling of personal information. This Privacy Policy does not cover personal information collected or held by Precision Connect Pty Ltd trading as Precision Connect on behalf of its employees. 

Precision Connect Pty Ltd trading as Precision Connect is required by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) to comply with federally regulated Privacy Principals which outline the standards in which personal information is to be handled. 

For the continuation of this Policy, Precision Connect Pty Ltd trading as Precision Connect will be referred to as Precision Connect. 

What is personal information? 

The Privacy Act defines personal information as; Information or an opinion about an identifiable individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. 

a. Whether the information or opinion is true or not; and 

b. Whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not. 

Types of personal information that Precision Connect will collect, store and transfer 

Precision Connect will require a minimum of the following personal information to action fundraising activities on behalf of their charity clients: 

Primary Information 

  • Title 

  • First name or initial 

  • Surname 

  • Street address 

  • Suburb, state, and postcode 

  • Contact telephone and/or mobile number Secondary Information 

  • Email address 

  • Credit card details 

  • Bank account details and BSB 

  • Donation history 

  • Secondary contact telephone and/or mobile number 



Primary Information refers to the personal information required to make initial contact with the consumer for the purposes of fundraising. 

Secondary Information refers to the personal information that may be collected at the time we contact the consumer, for the purposes of fundraising. 

Data Collection 

Precision Connect abides by the Privacy Principals relating to Data Collection, more specifically the following rules apply; 

  • Collect only what is: 

  • Reasonably necessary for the purpose; or 

  • Related to one of your functions or activities. 

  • Only collect sensitive information with consent 

  • Only use lawful and fair means for collection 

  • Where possible, only collect personal information from the individual, with some exceptions. 

Precision Connect collect data through three different methods; 

From a Third-Party Source (a Charity). Each charity has a Precision Connect Account Manager assigned to them and they will receive personal data on behalf of the charity to conduct telephone fundraising campaigns. The data that is provided contains the ‘Primary Information,’ as outlined previously. Precision Connect charity clients are also required to adhere to the Privacy Principals set out in the Privacy Act. 

From a Third-Party Source (a List Broker). Precision Connect will also receive personal information from List Brokers on behalf of the charity, for the purposes of conducting telephone fundraising.  

List Brokers act as agents for organisations wishing to conduct direct marketing campaigns, the List Broker will provide lists containing consumers name, and contact information. The personal information that is provided by the List Brokers, contain ‘Primary Information,’ as outlined previously. 

List Brokers are also required to operate in adherence with the Principals outlined in the Privacy Act.  

Directly from the Consumer 

Fundraisers may confirm or request additional information directly from the consumer, during the telephone contact. This information will only be used for the advised purposes of fundraising, on behalf of the identified charity clients. 

Transfer and storage of personal information 

Precision Connect receives and delivers personal information data digitally, from charity clients and List Brokers, via a PCI Compliant data transfer system. 


Precision Connect stores personal information in a secure location, at all times it is encrypted, and password protected until it is ready for transfer or use. 

Use of information 

Precision Connect receives data from the above-mentioned third-party suppliers, for the purposes of conducting fundraising on behalf of charities. 

The data supplied contains ‘Primary Information,’ the Fundraiser uses this to make contact with the consumer to discuss the specific charity purpose and request either single donations or ongoing support for the charity. The fundraiser is required to confirm the identity of the individual, verbally, prior to commencement of the call. Verbal confirmation is obtained by confirming the name of the individual, this is a requirement of the service that we provide to our clients. 

The fundraiser will then either; 

  • Collect ‘Secondary Information’ from the consumer to process a payment on behalf of the charity. 

  • Collect ‘Secondary Information’ from the consumer to transfer to the charity client to process payment. 

  • Confirm with the consumer the ‘Primary Information’ for the purposes of sending correspondence, upon approval by the consumer. 

  • Store the feedback from the consumer for future actions, this could include but is not limited to, the following; 

  • The consumer is Not Interested 

  • The consumer requests No further contact from the charity 

  • The consumer would like the charity to call them at another specified time 

The information collected by the fundraiser is then; 

  • Updated on our internal secure database, for future reference, comparison, payment processing or mail delivery 

  • Delivered to the charity client via a PCI Complaint secure data transfer system 


Personal information sharing 

Precision Connect will only share personal information, with the specific charity client that has provided the information initially, either directly from the charity or through a list broker on behalf of the charity. 

Precision Connect will never share personal information, with any person or organisation other than the one identified during the initial telephone communications with the individual consumer. 

Precision Connect may be required to forward an individual’s payment details directly to a Financial Institution for the purposes of donation processing, however this will only be done with the individual’s prior consent. 


Access and correction handling procedure 

All consumers have the right to access their personal information upon request.  

Precision Connect may request proof of identity prior to delivery of the personal information, for the purposes of consumers security. 

Precision Connect will correct personal information upon request, again we may request proof of identity prior to making corrections.  

Requests for information or correction of information, can be submitted by mail or email, the details of which can be found below: 

Precision Connect  

83-89 Freight Drive, Somerton, VIC, 3062 


Complaint handling 

Precision Connect welcomes feedback with regards to the performance of services and will investigate very seriously any complaint issued. 

Consumers are directed to submit complaints in writing, either via mail or email at the address outlined above. It is important that address or contact details are provided by the Complainant, should a response be desired. 

Once a complaint is received, it will be investigated and if requested, a response will be provided to the Complainant. Any internal actions that have taken place as a result of the complaint, will be disclosed at the discretion of Precision Connect Management. 

Do not call register 

As Precision Connect is a registered fundraising organisation and does not conduct unsolicited telemarketing calls, we are exempt from the National Do Not Call Register. 

Although Precision Connect is exempt from the National Do Not Call Register, we maintain an internal Do Not Call Register on behalf of our clients. 

If you wish to stop receiving calls from Precision Connect on behalf of one or any of our charities, simply; 

In addition to the Precision Connect Do Not Call Register we will ensure; 

  • Your contact details are removed from current calling campaigns (this can take a maximum of 2 working days to action) 


  • The details provided by you, will be excluded from any future calling campaigns conducted by Precision Connect on behalf of the specified charities. 

  • You will remain on the Precision Connect Do Not Call Register until a written request for removal is received. 

Privacy Policy

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