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At Precision Connect, we're all about meaningful conversations and impactful connections. Whether you're a charity looking to boost your fundraising efforts or a partner seeking to collaborate with a dedicated team, we're here to listen.

We're the telephone fundraising experts

  • Regular Giving Conversion

  • Regular Giving Upgrade

  • Regular Giving Reactivation

  • Regular Giving Declines

  • Welcome Calling

  • Thank You Calling

  • Verification Calling

  • Bequest/GIW Calling

  • Fundraising Support Calling

  • Acquisition/Cold Call Campaigns

Fundraising campaigns

  • Mail, email & SMS fulfilment

  • Hyper personalisation

  • Welcome videos

  • Donor journeys

  • Post call surveys
    (call, email, SMS & mail)

  • API in and out

  • Call recordings

  • Monitoring

  • Training & Development

Supporting Services

  • Results reporting (any frequency)

  • Live dashboarding (bespoke)

  • Attrition reporting

  • Deep dive analytics

  • Bespoke analytics

Analytics & Reporting

Our Services

Tailored solutions for
organisations large

and small.



Dedicated Team
of Fundraisers

Skilled in all forms of warm campaigns. As well as cold/acquisition calling. Their passion and expertise will be instrumental in fostering meaningful connections with potential donors, ultimately driving increased support.


Data-Driven Strategy

Our enhanced data services team offers advanced analytics and donor segmentation techniques to save you money and generate more money.


Comprehensive Donor Engagement

We deploy personalised communication across voice, online and offline channels engaging donors in a compassionate and impactful manner.


Strategic Campaign Planning

We have fundraising and telefundraising strategists working closely with clients’ teams ensuring learnings and results are optimised.


Transparency and Accountability

We can build bespoke reporting and dashboards if needed. And of course, all campaigns have reporting to drive discussions on where to pivot and improve.

We partner with our clients to develop programs with lasting value. Building, nurturing, and maintaining strong relationships is at the heart of what we do. Because we are forever mindful of our enormous responsibility to our clients and to the people who support them through our work.   

Our priority is to ensure all donors have an exceptional experience with our team of empathic and passionate fundraisers. Everybody likes to feel valued and appreciated and through meaningful conversations, our heart-felt approach ensures donors know how much their contribution is valued.    

We understand that ours is a performance-based business, and our performance is vital for the long-term prosperity of some of the favourite charities and causes in Australia and New Zealand. It is something we understand deeply and never lose sight of.  

After all, we don’t want to be another supplier, we want to be your favourite team of fundraisers. 

Precision Connect


precision coonect

Why choose us


We want to make a difference in the world, and many members of our consulting team are both donors and volunteers in the charitable and not-for-profit sector. We have an unusually acute understanding of the issues and challenges facing our clients.


We see ourselves as fundraisers first and advisers second. We work exclusively with charitable and not-for-profit organisations, and we bring an expert sensibility about building relationships with donors to all our work.


We have created a system that ensures accountability to our clients. Clients are given written approval for every project budget and for all copy and artwork. In addition, we deliver regular reports that include statistical and narrative information about fundraising campaign results.


Some of our favourite and important charities have called upon Libby to help them raise much needed donations for their causes. Like Lin, Libby started her telefundraising career making calls and quickly became a Team Leader and helped her Client Services colleagues too. A true telefundraising unicorn. In a previous life she was the call Centre Manager for over 110 telefundrasiers and raised millions of dollars every year. Libby is passionate about helping charities and working in partnership with Keith and the team. 

Libby Tronel

Call Centre Manager, Brisbane

A co-founder of the Precision Group, Cory has been the driving force behind Precision since 2008. He has built the company on a vision to invest in innovation, and in people. Cory has a thirst for knowledge, an eye for detail and an absolute commitment to give back to fundraising and fundraisers.

Cory Hall
Owner and CEO, Precision Group

Nick is a Direct Marketing and Fundraising Specialist who has more than two decades’ experience in the mail and print sector. Responsible for overseeing and directing the daily operations of the Precision Group, Nick wears many hats within the business: from Sales and Human Resources to Project Management and Financials. He drives the Group’s culture of ethics and accountability and commitment to superior customer service.

Nick Carayanis
General Manager, Precision Group

Marko has been a data engineer in the Telefundraising industry, focusing mainly on data and analytics. In his time at Pareto Phone, he significantly impacted Pareto’s data engineering efforts and analytics insights, while providing his consulting services and bringing high-quality outcomes for their Charity partners. And now at SHA Marko will continue to utilise data, and strategic thinking to achieve maximum returns on investments for our Charity partners and deliver commercial value. 

Marko Karanovic

Head Data Analytics

Cam has been a lead developer in the telefundraising industry for over a decade now. And in that time, he has built sector leading innovations which drive better results for fundraisers, charities, causes and partners. Whilst at Pareto he created their SQL and PowerBi innovations. And now SHA our charity partners get to enjoy his brilliance and passion.

Cameron Chadwick
Head Developer

Rich is the Head of Marketing at Precision Group helping Sam and the team position the new SHA to the not-for-profit industry in Australia and New Zealand. In a previous life he was Head of Client Development & Client Services at a Brisbane-based telefundrasier working with Lin, Eden, Libby, Marko, Cam, Libby, and her gun fundraisers. And loved every minute of it. 

Richard Boland

Client Services, Precision Group

We'd love to hear from you!

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